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PHO 14

Serving The District Since 2009

-   ABOUT US  -

Founded by Tommy Hoang and Hoang LLC, the inspiration of Pho 14 came at the conclusion of the Vietnam War.

Tommy's mother, Nga Nguyen grew up in a little town and became well-known for her delicious cooking.  Some of her best recipes were vegetarian dishes made especially for her father.

After meeting her husband, Nga dreamt of opening a family restaurant together with him when the war ends.  However, Nga's husband became imprisoned by the Communist Party at the conclusion of the war, and his whereabouts were unknown.  While Nga waited over four years for her husband's return, the dream of having a family and opening a restaurant slowly dissipated.

Nga and her husband were finally reunited, however their dreams of opening a restaurant died over the many years they were separated.  Determined to keep his family's history and vision from vanishing, their son Tommy devotedly opened Pho 14 where Nga's recipes and passion for cooking lives on once again.

Que Huong "My Native Home" - My Tam
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